Premier Walk in Tubs

Premier Walk in Tubs from a customer point of view...

If you're like most of us aging seniors, you're realizing that it's time to start looking into safety options for your home just like my wife and I did.  I'll warn you, it can be stressful and expensive, but something ultimately has to be done.  

Investing in a Walk in Bathtub can be the greatest investment you'll ever make, or it can be the worst investment you'll ever make.  All of this depends on whether or not you've done your homework, which is why I'm glad you're hear.  We learned from other peoples mistakes and ultimately think that we've made a wise decision.  Because of the fact that there's not much good information available on the topic, I've decided to share our experience with people in the position I was in not more than 6 months before this writing.  

The Walk in Bathtub Journey

When you start researching walk in bathtubs for yourself or a loved one, you'll probably get just as frustrated as my wife and I did.  No one wants to give you a price over the phone, which at this point is understandable, because I probably wouldn't have had them out.  

Though some of your are going to laugh at this next paragraph, I feel it's important to get across to most readers.  Walk in tubs are expensive, much more than I ever thought.  It wasn't until I'd had a couple other companies come out that I realized the one wasn't just trying to take advantage of us.  

My wife and I saw several commercials a day for these Walk in Bathtubs.  Some for the Safe Step Walk in Tub, and some for the Premier Care Walk in Tub.  After getting online to view more information, we were blown away by how many different walk in bathtub companies are actually out there.  We knew that the walk in tubs would be expensive, at least $2,000 we thought.  Surely enough though, walk in tubs couldn't be more than about $5,000, which was what we had originally capped our budget.  We were horribly mistaken.

The Premier Walk in Tub

Though the premier walk in tub that we chose didn't have all the bells and whistles that we had wanted, we were satisfied with the size and build.  The installed product matched exactly what the sales person had explained, with a few added extras that he must of accidentally omitted during his speech.  

We ordered the white colored tub, which we thought would go with the rest of our bathroom well.  Although the premier care tub was actually a bit whiter than our other bathroom fixtures, probably just because of it's age.  

Overall quality was great, installation could have been a little cleaner, but I'm sure this varies from location to location.  

We're about six months into ownership of the Premier Walk in Bathtub, and we're still enjoying it to this day.  Although, it does take quite a while to drain.